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Training keeps your team up to date with evolving best practices and reduces your risk by learning from real life project challenges. We offer a one-day course for Pre-construction and Performance Test team members that covers Performance Testing standards, process, contracts, PVsyst test model and implementation. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls using an open, transparent and collaborative process. We offer a variety of topics and tailor the course to your team’s needs.


Training Topics:

  • Testing Standards (PR, ASTM E2848-13 & new IEC standards)
  • Contract negotiation and risk allocation
  • Creating a performance testing plan & evaluation tool
  • Defining model output parameters for the specified test standard
  • Setting up a test specific production model to accurately reflect the system
  • Post processing model with as-built information
  • Process framework to involve stakeholders & establish milestones
  • Field crew coordination to capture as built conditions
  • Preparing site & configuring the Data Acquisition System
  • Validating sensors & meters
  • Conducting test data analysis & reporting


Connect with us to prepare your team for performance testing.

Performance Testing & Contracts

Building Test Production Model

Troubleshooting & Validation

Performance Evaluation in the Field

Raw Data Inspection & Filtering

Test Evaluation & Reporting

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