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Performance testing is often critical to prove the system performs as expected and before the owner will make final payment and commercial operation is obtained. We work with you from project launch through final performance test verification.


The PV AMPS team has led gigawatts of assets through this critical process. We work with your team using a transparent and collaborative process to identify and minimize risks. We guide project stakeholders through the creation of fair and equitable contract language, testing protocol, and the energy production test model.


With a solid foundation in place, we conduct a comprehensive test planning process, create performance test tools, validate site readiness, perform test implementation, manage data processing, and provide results summary reporting.


Depending on project size, funding and contract requirements, the performance test can be as simple as a performance ratio test or as rigorous as ASTM E2848-13. We prefer using unmodified standards-based tests like ASTM E2848-13 because they are industry accepted and vetted methodologies, and fair to all parties.


Connect with our team to see how we can help you though your next performance test.



See our article in SolarPro Magazine, July/August 2018.
Achieving Commercial Operations in Large-Scale PV Power Systems (3.9 MB PDF)

ASTM E2848-13

Contract Review & Evaluation

Performance Test Model

Planning & Process Leadership

Transparent & Consensus Driven Process

Data Analysis, Regression and Reporting

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