UNIFIED FIELD INVESTIGATIONS - PV AMPS | Commercial and Utility Scale Renewable Energy Engineers
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Do you need a “solar fixer?” Often projects have challenges that are hard to identify and resolve. Utilizing decades of experience, we bring a holistic view to your project, to understand the issues, identify root causes, and plan corrective actions. PV AMPS prides ourselves on being known as “Engineers in Boots.”


These items are all critical steps that must be resolved prior to Performance Testing.


Common field issues PV AMPS investigates:

  • DC wiring system construction defects & poor installation methods
  • Meteorological sensors installation & commissioning
  • Troubleshoot data acquisition system wiring
  • Map sensors to data acquisition systems & validate installation
  • Identify & locate blown fuses
  • Create field maps & correct equipment labeling


Let us know how we can assist you get your project performing the best it can.

DAS & Equipment Point Mapping

Vendor Coordination

Troubleshooting Defects

Meteorological Sensor Validation

Find Blown Fuses

Prepare For Performance Testing

How Can PV AMPS Help?