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We work with owners, asset managers, and O&M teams to analyze the data of operational assets, confirming data integrity and if the data can be trusted before making changes to O&M plans. Once you can trust your data, we evaluate plant production and provide corrective maintenance recommendations to maximize performance. Too much money is at stake to make an O&M decision with unvalidated data you don’t trust.


Our assessment begins with reviewing O&M reports, validating field sensors and meters. We conduct a site analysis to compare production meters and meteorological sensor ratios, to see if sensors are out of alignment or soiled and identify specific areas of lower than expected production. We can work with onsite personnel to align meteorological sensors properly.


We start by reviewing operation reports and field data then conduct a site analysis to compare sensors and meters to see if anything is out of alignment or to find areas with lower than expected production. If needed we can work with onsite personnel or go to the field to align the Meteorological sensors.


Once all the sensors properly reflect site conditions, we perform a production analysis to locate areas of under-performance and make a punch list of corrective actions for the O&M team.


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